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Advisor Ryan is an empathic, clairvoyant and clairaudient reader.  He can quickly connect to your situation and answer any of your questions involving love, life, career and finances.  He has been doing professional readings for over 10 years and have helped thousands of people.  He is an honest and straightforward reader.

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02/19/2021 – Theresa M – He was great, like having a wise friend to talk to.

2/14/2021 – Private Name – wow

2/11/2021 – Amazing. Thank you!!

02/02/2021 – Jessica A – Great connection to my POI.

01/25/2021 – Private Name – He’s always so clear and consistent.

01/15/2021 – Danielle T – Gave me a lot to think about as usual, I can count on Ryan

01/03/2021- Private Name – Spoke for a while and he was accurate.

12/24/2020 – Candice B – I appreciate Ryan so much, even though I probably get on his nerves with the same questions. He’s been so accurate for me.

07/18/2020 – David M – Great reading.

07/13/2020 – Private Name – Another grounding call, this guy is brilliant.

07/07/2020 – Kim S – No matter how much Ryan prepared me and warned me, I just can’t stop getting in my own way.  I hope Ryan continues to stay patient like he’s been.

07/01/2020 – Tina D – I was angry after my call with Ryan but I know that he was speaking the truth.

06/24/2020 – Larry S – My business idea finally has taken off and I am starting to see results.  A year ago you told me this would happen. Right on man.

06/19/2020 – Private Name – Ryan hit the nail on the head, he was so spot on.

06/15/2020 – Private Name – He was so on point, omg.

06/11/2020 – Kelly M – David and I just got back together, just as Ryan said.  Now the hard part, keeping myself together as I apply what Ryan has told me.

06/02/2020 – Andy H – Just spoke with Advisor Ryan and he makes so much sense.  He’s more than just a reader, it’s like he’s a life guru.

05/23/2020 – Marie S – I look so forward to my readings with Ryan.  It’s very rejuvenating to my energy and spirit.

05/18/2020 – Helen K – Ryan has such a compassionate way of delivering news even when it’s not so pleasant.

05/15/2020 – Teresa H – Advisor Ryan told me 3 months ago about a job change and as of a week ago it happened.

05/11/2020 – Ally G – Our conversation was very helpful.  Advisor Ryan gives great guidance.

05/03/2020 – Donna A – Prediction after prediction comes true, love it.

04/29/2020 – Melissa M – Ryan was very accurate.

04/18/2020 – Donald R – Thumbs up bud.

04/12/2020 – Private Name – My question is, how does he know what he knows.  I just don’t see how.  I’m a huge skeptic but Advisor Ryan keeps proving my skepticism wrong.  He is a bit to the point though.  He’s not the right person to talk to if you’re super sensitive.  In so many words, he stood by what he picked up and told me to take it or leave it.  haha.  He said it more politely but I knew what he was trying to say.

04/07/2020 – Private Name – Awesome reading.

04/02/2020 – Marie G – I don’t know why I doubt Ryan.  I’ve called 4 times now over the past 8 months and every single thing has come true.

03/26/2020 – Yvette F – He makes me laugh but he’s so honest at the same time.

03/18/2020 – Lorraine S – Advisor Ryan was so accurate, it was scary.  Like really really scary.

03/15/2020 – Jeffrey W – A true no bs, no nonsense guy.  That’s my style.

03/08/2020 – Private Name – Ryan told me a month ago that my job was in jeopardy.  I immediately started looking for another job.  I was made an offer this week and I also got laid off from my current job.  Ryan is so accurate and it prepared me for this unsettling life change.

03/04/2020 – Diana T – I loooove Ryan, he’s amazing!

02/28/2020 – Kate M – He proposed like you said.

02/22/2020 – Private Name – Totally honest, straightforward, gentle.  Can’t ask for more.

02/18/2020 – Sarah K – You were totally accurate and spot on about my situation.

02/15/2020 – Charlie D – Thumbs up bud.

02/11/2020 – Brandy M – Advisor Ryan has been a solid rock for me.  Don’t know what I’d do without him.

1/27/2020 – Private Name – Thanks for your insight.

1/24/2020 – Clarissa M – Ryan has a way of saying things to me and it grounds me.

1/19/2020 – Private Name – I read his feedback and when I called him, it was just as the feedback described.  Honest, truthful and very straightforward.

1/14/2020 – Daniel J – Insightful.  Thank you.

01/11/2020 – Heather K – I was so discouraged, but Advisor Ryan helped me realize the things that are going right in my life. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

01/07/2020 – Jessie M – Love you Ryan!! You’re more than my advisor, you’re a great friend.

01/03/2020 – Private Name – My ex and I reconnected. Ryan you’re so amazing.