Advisor Christian


Advisor Christian

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Advisor Christian is a life coach who’s compassionate, caring and he is also a great problem solver. When you need someone as a sounding board and to help you clear your mind, Christian is a great coach to call.

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Testimonials02/20/2021 – Private Name – Interesting solid advice.

02/13/2021 – Dennis N – I was nervous about my interview at first but Christian put my mind at ease.  Fingers crossed that it works out.

02/04/2021 – Rachelle Z – He was super understanding and wasn’t biased.

1/25/2021 – Private Name – It was refreshing to speak to someone who’s not biased.  There’s no one in my life that I can trust.  Thank goodness I can call on Advisor Christian.

1/19/2021 – Samantha A – Love talking to him.  He’s very wise.

01/15/2021 – Amy H – Christian was nice and friendly. It was great having someone to talk to so I can clear my head.

01/12/2021 – Private Name – I left the call feeling refreshed. I’m in a good head space to make some decisions. Thank you Christian!!

01/07/2021 – Melissa G – He really eased my mind, so easy to talk to.

01/03/2021 – Lindsey A – I would have gone out of my mind if it wasn’t for Christian.  He really puts things in perspective.