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Advisor Ryan is an empathic, clairvoyant and clairaudient reader.  He can quickly connect to your situation and answer any of your questions involving love, life, career and finances.  He has been doing professional readings for over 10 years and have helped thousands of people.  He is an honest and straightforward reader.

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10/22/2018 – Private Name – Very good!!

10/14/2018 – Private Name – Great, made me feel so better.

10/03/2018 – Kenneth H – Thank you for the clarification.

09/25/2018 – Lovette W – Awesome!!

09/10/2018 – Private Name – He was direct, accurate and didn’t waste time.

09/02/2018 – Jessica A – It’s good to know how he feels about me. and that he’s faithful to me.

08/15/2018 – Danielle T – Gave me a lot to think about. Thank you.

08/09/2018 – Private Name – Spoke before and he was accurate.

08/04/2018 – Lisa A – Ryan was very accurate, zoomed in precisely.

07/18/2018 – David M – Great reading.

07/13/2018 – Private Name – Another grounding call, this guy is brilliant.

07/07/2018 – Kim S – No matter how much Ryan prepared me and warned me, I just can’t stop getting in my own way.  I hope Ryan continues to stay patient like he’s been.

07/01/2018 – Tina D – I was angry after my call with Ryan but I know that he was speaking the truth.

06/24/2018 – Larry S – My business idea finally has taken off and I am starting to see results.  A year ago you told me this would happen. Right on man.

06/19/2018 – Private Name – Ryan hit the nail on the head, he was so spot on.

06/15/2018 – Private Name – He was so on point, omg.

06/11/2018 – Kelly M – David and I just got back together, just as Ryan said.  Now the hard part, keeping myself together as I apply what Ryan has told me.

06/02/2018 – Andy H – Just spoke with Advisor Ryan and he makes so much sense.  He’s more than just a reader, it’s like he’s a life guru.

05/23/2018 – Marie S – I look so forward to my readings with Ryan.  It’s very rejuvenating to my energy and spirit.

05/18/2018 – Helen K – Ryan has such a compassionate way of delivering news even when it’s not so pleasant.

05/15/2018 – Teresa H – Advisor Ryan told me 3 months ago about a job change and as of a week ago it happened.

05/11/2018 – Ally G – Our conversation was very helpful.  Advisor Ryan gives great guidance.

05/03/2018 – Donna A – Prediction after prediction comes true, love it.

04/29/2018 – Melissa M – Ryan was very accurate.

04/18/2018 – Donald R – Thumbs up bud.

04/12/2018 – Private Name – My question is, how does he know what he knows.  I just don’t see how.  I’m a huge skeptic but Advisor Ryan keeps proving my skepticism wrong.  He is a bit to the point though.  He’s not the right person to talk to if you’re super sensitive.  In so many words, he stood by what he picked up and told me to take it or leave it.  haha.  He said it more politely but I knew what he was trying to say.

04/07/2018 – Private Name – Awesome reading.

04/02/2018 – Marie G – I don’t know why I doubt Ryan.  I’ve called 4 times now over the past 8 months and every single thing has come true.

03/26/2018 – Yvette F – He makes me laugh but he’s so honest at the same time.

03/18/2018 – Lorraine S – Advisor Ryan was so accurate, it was scary.  Like really really scary.

03/15/2018 – Jeffrey W – A true no bs, no nonsense guy.  That’s my style.

03/08/2018 – Private Name – Ryan told me a month ago that my job was in jeopardy.  I immediately started looking for another job.  I was made an offer this week and I also got laid off from my current job.  Ryan is so accurate and it prepared me for this unsettling life change.

03/04/2018 – Diana T – I loooove Ryan, he’s amazing!

02/28/2018 – Kate M – He proposed like you said.

02/22/2018 – Private Name – Totally honest, straightforward, gentle.  Can’t ask for more.

02/18/2018 – Sarah K – You were totally accurate and spot on about my situation.

02/15/2018 – Charlie D – Thumbs up bud.

02/11/2018 – Brandy M – Advisor Ryan has been a solid rock for me.  Don’t know what I’d do without him.

1/27/2018 – Private Name – Thanks for your insight.

1/24/2018 – Clarissa M – Ryan has a way of saying things to me and it grounds me.

1/19/2018 – Private Name – I read his feedback and when I called him, it was just as the feedback described.  Honest, truthful and very straightforward.

1/14/2018 – Daniel J – Insightful.  Thank you.

01/11/2018 – Heather K – I was so discouraged, but Advisor Ryan helped me realize the things that are going right in my life. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

01/07/2018 – Jessie M – Love you Ryan!! You’re more than my advisor, you’re a great friend.

01/03/2018 – Private Name – My ex and I reconnected. Ryan you’re so amazing.

12/26/2017 – Michelle A – As expected, spot on.

12/19/2017 – Laura P – Ryan really helps me to calm down and to get out of my own head. I’m grounded thanks to him.

12/14/2017 – Private Name – I know I can’t count on Ryan for accuracy and honesty.

12/08/2017 – Rob T – Straight to the point, non nonsense, he doesn’t waste your time.

12/04/2017 – John S – Advisor Ryan prepared me for what was coming up with my career.

12/01/2017 – Private Name – You’re super helpful. Thanks.

11/25/2017 – Donald A – I was approved for the loan just like you predicted. Thanks bud.

11/23/2017 – Mary H – He’s really good at what he does.

11/18/2017 – Private Name – Ryan is like a cup of coffee that wakes up my mind.

11/13/2017 – Bobby M – Thanks for the insight.

11/08/2017 – Debbie P – Advisor Ryan hit the nail on the head, read my mom to a t.

10/30/2017 – Private Name – Loved the conversation.

10/25/2017 – Danielle M – Ryan has helped me over the past 2 years. He has been my rock and have given me strength. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

10/18/2017 – Lisa H – You’re very clear when you read. Love your clarity.

10/14/2017 – Private Name – Thumbs Up!!

10/12/2017 – Charlotte M – Ryan is super straightforward and honest.

10/10/2017 – Kevin L – Very clear, concise and helpful.

10/07/2017 – Private Name – Thanks for your help.

10/04/2017 – Carla T – I love you and hate you at the same time. Love you because you’re honest, accurate, tell the truth. Hate you because you tell me things I don’t want to hear, but I know I need to hear it.

10/02/2017 – Private Name – It was well worth the wait. Took me a long time to talk to Advisor Ryan but it was worth it. I see why he’s so popular.

09/30/2017 – Donna M – Over the past two years, Ryan has truly impacted my life in more ways than he’ll ever know.

09/27/2017 – Marie T – When I want clarity on any topic, I know who to call!!

09/24/2017 – Alex M – I proposed to her, and she accepted. Thx bro for your help.

09/21/2017 – Lisa M – You’ve really helped talk me off the ledge before I make things in my life worst. Thanks.

09/16/2017 – Private Name – It’s amazing how well Ryan tunes in.

09/12/2017 – Private Name – Wonderful person, lovely to talk to.

09/08/2017 – Gabriella H – I’m so worried right now. I hear your voice in my head and it calms me down.

09/06/2017 – Laurie M – I don’t know why I don’t listen to you more often. You’re so accurate.

09/04/2017 – Eliot P – Great business advice. Thx.

09/02/2017 – Private Name – You’re like a breathe a fresh air that eases my mind.

08/31/2017 – Catherine M – Greetings. Guess what, I got a wonderful call with a job offer. Once again, your accuracy is like a laser with accurate precision.

08/27/2017 – Tom T – Cool guy, tell it like it is. I will be calling back.

08/25/2017 – Private Name – Thanks.

08/21/2017 – Victor M – Ryan is super straightforward. I like that. Honesty is always better than sugar coating.

08/17/2017 – Heather A – Thanks for a great conversation.

08/13/2017 – Vanessa M – Very spot on and easy to talk to.

08/09/2017 – Private Name – I feel better now. Thanks Ryan.

08/05/2017 – Clarissa A – Thank you for getting me through a rough time.

08/02/2017 – Alyssa M – Great call.

07/28/2017 – Private Name – Thank you. You give me peace of mind.

07/25/2017 – Tom M – You’ve motivated me to pursue my business idea. Thanks.

07/22/2017 – Leslie K – You keep cautioning me about my husband. I just don’t know how to leave him. I know I should. It’s not in my best interest to stay, but I feel so stuck. At least I can count on you.

07/18/2017 – Teresa M – I don’t know why I continue to bee shocked at your accuracy, because you are every time.

07/13/2017 – Private Name – Definitely hit the nail on the head.

07/09/2017 – Diane M – You were very insightful last year and everything is falling into place as you described.

07/02/017 – Jasmine W – Thanks love. Absolutely amazing.

06/28/2017 – Jacob T – You’re truly gifted and insightful. You’re like a friend and an Advisor at the same time.

06/19/2017 – Kelly M – My supervisor was fired, thank God. You told me that would happen.

06/15/2017 – Private Name – Many thanks.

06/10/2017 – Michelle P – Advisor Ryan is honest and straightforward. He’s helping me get through a terrible divorce.

06/07/2017 – Private Name – Thank you, I can always count on you every time.

06/01/2017 – Nicole H – Thx for the help with Noel.

05/28/2017 – Private Name – Thumbs up.

05/25/2017 – Private Name – Love this guy, he tell it like it is.

05/22/2017 – Daniel W – I keep calling back because Advisor Ryan never waivers.

05/202017 – Ariel M – Thanks for your career guidance.

05/16/2017 – Private Name – Ryan’s predictions consistently come true.

05/14/2017 – Diane H – Amazing, on point, straight forward.

5/09/2017- Henrietta K – I knew my daughter was lying and Advisor Ryan confirmed it.

5/04/2017 – Joseph L – Your guidance is priceless. Thank you sir.

4/30/2017 – Private Name – Many blessings to you Ryan!!

4/26/2017 – Marla G – I got the job, thank you for your prediction!!

4/23/2017 – Mara W – Very accurate, straight forward.

4/20/2017 – Teresa K – I love Advisor Ryan!!!

4/15/2017 – Wendy M – Don’t know what I would have done without your help. Thank you so much Ryan.

4/12/2017 – Linda A – Thanks you’re amazing.

4/09/2017 – Private Name – My boyfriend broke up with me like you predicted. So sad.

4/01/2017 – Barbara D – So glad I talked to you, you gave me a warning sign and I just found out an hour ago, that what you said was true.

3/24/2017 – Lisa O – Thanks for helping, I got into law school just like you predicted.  I’m so happy.

3/19/2017 – Private Name – Honestly, Ryan originally rubbed me the wrong way.  I thought he was mean, but turns out he was just being straightforward and I’m not used to that.  I’m used to people telling me what I want to hear.  He didn’t budge one inch and he turned out to be right.

3/16/2017 – Thomas M – Ryan is highly professional, highly honest and I knew he was telling the truth.

3/10/2017 – Delaine L – I’m only here to talk to Ryan.  He is the most accurate psychic I’ve ever come across.  Straightforward but yet compassionate.

3/04/2017 – Yvette M – You are wonderful and accurate and most of all, accurate.

2/27/2017 – Private Name – Love you.

2/21/2017 – Shaun A – You’re awesome!!

2/17/2017 – Mary M – I was offered the position, I totally didn’t believe it.  Sorry I was rude with you, you were right though.  Hope you take my call again int he future.

2/13/2017 – Private Name – That idiot was cheating on me.  Thanks for the heads up.

2/7/2017 – Heather M – You are always so honest, thank you.

2/3/2017 – Nigel T – Your reading on my job was on point.

1/31/2017 – Diane M – Ryan is always helpful.

01/25/2017 – Jessica A – Thank you.

01/20/2017 – Jasmine C – My now ex ripped my world apart and now he resurfaced just like you predicted.  Now I have to think about all the things you told me to watch out for.

1/17/2017 – Private Name – I can always count on you for the truth and straightforwardness.

01/13/2017 – Teresa A – Thanks for the reading.  Fast and very clear.

01/10/2017 – Private Name – You really helped ease my mind.  You were accurate!

01/07/2017 – Georgia M – I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me.  Very accurate.

01/03/2017 – Jalisa H – Thanks, really helped me have some clarity.

12/20/2016 – Carla M – Very to the point, I love it.

12/18/2016 – Private Name – My goodness you’re straightforward.  Love it.

12/15/2016 – Carrie M – Million cheers and blessings. Thanks Ryan.

12/11/2016 – Charlie G – You’re absolutely right, moving to chicago was the best decision.

12/08/2016 – Private Name – I was hoping you were wrong but my boyfriend broke up with me like you predicted.  So sad.

12/02/2016 – Annie G – I come back to you because you keep things very honest and real.

11/28/2016 – Janet F – So straightfoward, so refreshing and honest.  Wow.

11/23/2016 – Private Name – You really blew my mind with the accuracy of your reading.

11/17/2016 – Trina M – I can always count on Ryan.

11/14/2016 – Pam S – Really think you’re amazing.  Thx.

11/11/2016 – Private Name – Thanks for helping me understand my dysfunctional family.

11/09/2016 – Ian M – Omg. Totally didn’t believe you.  You ended up being right.  Facts are facts.

11/06/2016 – Ted M – Got a call 2 days ago with a job offer.  You called it.

11/03/2016 – Cameron M – Dang, I wish you were wrong.  Found out my wife was having an affair.  You kept telling me, I didn’t want to believe it.  I wish you were wrong.

10/31/2016 – Private Name – You have no idea how much you have helped me.  Thank you!!

10/26/2016 – Amy G – Love your accuracy and straight forwardness.

10/23/2016 – Alyssa M – Impressive.  Thank you.

10/21/2016 – Private Name – Thank you for sharing your intuitive gift with the world.

10/19/2016 – Private Name – I don’t know what I would do without you.  You have helped me through some of the most painful times in my life.

10/17/2016 – Gina M – Wonderful as always.

10/14/2016 – Private Name – Advisor Ryan has been helping me for a year now and his predictions have been very accurate.  Sometimes it’s hard to swallow what he says but he’s been right.

10/11/2016 – Terry M – Thx.

10/07/2016 – Ron H – Ryan was very blunt but yet respectful with his delivery.

10/04/2016 – Jessica M – 100 million thanks of praises to Advisor Ryan.  He is so straightforward and accurate.

10/01/2016 – Private Name – Thanks to you, I looked for a new job right away.  Just got laid off from my old job yesterday.  You are so spot on.

09/28/2016 – Private Name – Amazing, wonderful soul. Many thanks.

09/25/2016 – Diane F – Thank you Ryan. You have helped me understand things so well with your clarity and spot on accuracy about my situation. You are more than a psychic to me, and a life coach as well.

09/20/2016 – Private Name – My go to guy when I need truth and honesty!!

09/16/2016 – Louis A – You’re pretty straightforward that’s for sure.  Hard not to take it personal, but I appreciate the truth.

09/12/2016 – Private Name – Thanks Ryan!!

09/09/2016 – Larry M – I caught my wife with that guy that you saw.  Man, you are unbelievably accurate.  Guess I will be divorcing after all 🙁 .

09/06/2016 – Private Name – Wow.  That’s all I can say.

09/02/2016 – Janet L –  Your caution signs and warnings turned out to be very useful and accurate.  I was prepared and now I can move forward.

08/31/2016 – Mario L – Thanks for your help.  Very insightful.

08/25/2016 – Private Name – I finally have the relationship that I deserve.  You told me this would happen, you were right!

08/19/2016 – Gina M – I didn’t like Ryan at first because he was so straightforward, but his predictions turned out accurate, although it was hurtful.  But I respect someone who is willing to be honest no matter what.  Thanks Ryan.

08/14/2016 – Diane F – Have been reading with Ryan for almost a year now and he has been extremely accurate helpful.

08/09/2016 – Private Name – Millions of stars to Advisor Ryan!!

08/05/2016 – Shaun M – You were really helpful with my career questions.

08/01/2016 – Malene T – Always can count on Ryan.

7/28/2016 – Private Name – Love Advisor Ryan, love him!! Wow.

7/25/2016 – Anita A – Thank you, so honest.

7/22/2016 – Helen T – You were right, I got the new job.  I was so nervous, thought it wasn’t going to happen.  You told me it would be about a month delay and you were super close.  It was 25 days later.  Who cares, 5 days before a month.  Thank you Ryan!!

7/19/2016- Teresa H – Thanks for helping sort my dreams out.

7/16/2016 – Billy M – Wow, this guy tells it like it is.  It’s so easy to take it the wrong way if you’re an overly sensitive person.  But he’s so accurate it’s hard not swallow the truth.

7/13/2016 – Private Name – Sometimes it’s a long wait to reach Advisor Ryan, but it’s well worth the wait.  I always feel so refreshed when talking to an accurate intuitive who cares.

7/10/2016 – Diana M – Very quick, accurate, to the point.

7/7/2016 – Private Name – I was distraught but you put my mind at ease.  I knew what you were saying was true.  My relationship is truly over,t here is no coming back.  You help me have closure to that. Many blessings to you.

7/4/2016 – Anna Y – Incredible insight. Thx.

7/1/2016 – Henry M – Spot on about my supervisor. Time for me to look for another job.

6/30/2016 – Private Name – Advisor Ryan is extremely straightforward and accurate.  Holds no punches.

6/25/2016 – Teresa W – Thank you for being patient with me, I know I’m a handful.  You have a way of calming me down while staying honest at the same time.  That’s a unique and rare quality.  A million thanks to you!

6/22/2016 – Private Name – If I could meet you and give you a hug, I would.  You are just so accurate that it’s scary.  You read my boyfriend like so to a T.

6/20/2016 – Marie K – Your insights on my business really helped me make the right adjustments and changes.

6/18/2016 – Private Name – I really appreciate you telling me the truth.  A lot of psychics won’t do that, they just tell what you want to hear.

6/15/2016 – Jessica H – Amazing thank you.

06/11/2016 – Private Name – Thank you so much, a million million thank yous.

06/09/2016 – Private Name – Didn’t tell me what I want to hear, but I knew that you were coming from a place of truth and straightforwardness.

6/07/2016 – Ann M – Accurate prediction, what you say really happens.

6/03/2016 – Henry K – You’re awesome, was spot on about my financial issues.

5/31/2016 – Private Name – I love it, thank you Ryan.

5/27/2016 – Sherry F – Thanks for giving me the heads up about getting laid off.  I had another job lined up because you forwarned me 2 months ago.

5/25/2016 – Private Name – He’s more than an Advisor, he has this way of making things make sense when he explains it with such good clarity.

5/23/2016 – Diane F – I have been getting readings from Advisor Ryan for 9 years. It is amazing how accurate he is. All his readings and predictions have been spot on. He has always been honest with me whether I will like to hear it or not.  He is more than a psychic advisor and has really become somewhat of a counselor, as he has helped me through understanding myself, others, and events on a deeper level which has been priceless for me in terms of helping me to facilitate my own personal growth.

5/21/2016 – Private Name – He is super honest, I love it.

5/17/2016 – Linda M – Accurate, fast and detailed. He never just tells you what you want to hear. He has been amazing with the help he has provided me. I highly recommend him.

5/12/2016 – Private Name – Reassuring, insightful, and most importantly kind! I would highly recommend.

5/9/2016 – Judith M – Your reading touch me so deep I cried. I really felt what you were telling me. Thank you so much!

5/6/2016 – Michael D – It would be very hard for me to have gotten through the times I have without this psychic in the picture he doesn’t leave me with false hope he just gives me more of what I need to keep my life and heart positive because false hope is what makes me anxious and causes me to rush things.

5/2/2016 – Private Name – I love Advisor Ryan, he’s my rock.

4/28/2016 – Larry M – He really helped me understand my wife better.  This helped us avoid a divorce.

4/25/2016 – Shana M – awesome reading. I was looking for the feelings, thoughts, and intentions from my partner as well as what I could in the situation. ryan was very insightful, straight to the point and confirmed the my thoughts and concerns.

4/23/2016 – Sally T – Awesome reading. He gave me accurate information! Thank you so much.

4/20/2016 – Teresa M – Gave me peace of mind about my job.  He was right, I wasn’t laid off even though a lot of my co-workers were.

4/17/2016 – Phillip M – Was accurate in predicting the month that my property would sell.

4/15/2016 – Private Name – Bad news.  Didn’t believe my husband was cheating, but I found text messages that confirmed what your reading showed.

4/13/2016 – Maria P – Guided me through my difficult time with my ex.

4/7/2016 – Private Name – You’re a great help.  Don’t know what I’d do without you.

4/3/2016 – Private Name – Wow wow wow.

4/1/2016 – Rebecca A – I hate our reading afterwards, but I just got confirmation that my husband was cheating like you saw in the reading.  How sad.

3/29/2016 – Nikita R – Thanks for giving me a headsup about my job layoff.  I was fired today like you predicted.  I’m glad I started looking for other jobs after my last reading.

3/25/2016 – Private Name – You are absolutely amazing, just absolutely a gem.

3/21/2016 – Maria P – He helped me get through my divorce with my sanity.

3/18/2016 – Private Name – Omg, Wow.

3/15/2016 – Jay S – Gave me the details I needed.  Thanks a million.

3/11/2016 – Ellen D – Super accurate, no no-nonsense, real honest.

3/8/2016 – Private Name – Truly the real deal.  Honest, just like all the other feedback said.

3/5/2016 – Carrie N – The prediction you gave me back in January came true.  You are amazing.

3/2/2016 – Private Name – Advisor Ryan is heaven sent

2/28/2016 – Chris B – Extremely straightforward, I like that.

2/26/2016 – Private Name – You predicted that I would meet someone this month and I did.  He’s divorced with two kids just like you described.  OMG, you are so spot on.

2/22/2016 – Daniel W – Read on my business partner, very insightful.

2/20/2016 – Maria P – Thanks for helping me let go of my ex husband.  You were right about him cheating when we were together, it has been confirmed.

2/15/2016 – Teresa O – I didn’t agree with everything that was said but I knew it was the truth, especially after seeing a prediction come to pass.

2/12/2016 – Roberta M – Wow, Advisor Ryan is amazing, holds no punches.  I need that.

2/09/2016 – Private Name – Thank you for honesty.

2/05/2016 – Tom O – Very accurate about my job situation.

2/02/2016 – Private Name – Highly recommend, great reading.

1/30/2016 – Eva M – Very accurate about my co-workers.

1/29/2016 – Tammy P – I like it, very honest.

1/27/2016- Maria H – I love the way you get to the heart of the matter.

1/24/2016 – Private Name – Accurate, honest, straightforward.

1/22/2016 – Helen T – Thanks for reading on my business.  Very helpful.

1/20/2016 – Private Name – Well worth the call.  He doesn’t waste your time or money.

1/17/2016 – Anita A – Read my partner very well.  Are you sure you don’t know him?  I’m just kidding, that’s just how accurate you were, it’s like you sounded just like him.

1/14/2016 – Private Name – Your predictions have come true for me.

1/11/2016 – Christina A – Extremely insightful reading.

01/07/2016 – Private Name – Amazing

01/05/2016 – David S – Thanks or not being judgmental.  You’re easy to talk to.

01/03/2016 – Henriette A – Why why why am I so stubborn.  You keep telling me the same thing over and over but I won’t listen and I’m sabotaging my situation.  Thanks for listening to me over and over.

12/30/2015 – Private Name – What a great reading. I feel alive again.

12/28/2015 – Aly H – Thanks for reading on my work situation.

12/24/2015 – Private Name – I didn’t like all that was said, but I knew he was right.

12/22/2015 – Fred H – Very straightforward, I like that.

12/20/2015 – Kristen M – Ryan it was great talking to you. You are very consistent with your readings.  Thanks so much.

12/18/2015 – Teresa H – Very accurate, thank you.

12/15/2015- Private Name – You told me back in September that I would be moving.  I thought you were crazy.  But just found out, my husband has to relocate to New York.  And now, I’m faced with having to move to keep our family together.

12/12/2015 – Private Name – Very on point.

12/08/2015 – Raphael – I got a new job just as you predicted.  Thanks.

12/05/2015  – Melanie G – I’m glad I didn’t get accuse my boyfriend of cheating.  Ryan told me the truth and I found out later he was at the hospital with his mother.  That’s why he didn’t answer.  Thank you Ryan for helping me not make the biggest mistake of my life.

12/01/2015 – Private Name – Honest honest honest.  That’s rare when speaking with psychics, but it’s the norm for Advisor Ryan.  Thanks.

11/23/2015 – Denise H – I love Advisor Ryan.

11/21/2015 – Private Name – Thank you for being patient with me.  I know I call you about the same thing over and over, but I finally get what you’re saying.

11/19/2015 – Jessica W – I feel peace of mind after reading with Ryan.

11/15/2015 – Mary T – Ryan tells it like it is.  I love it. Very accurate and detailed.

11/12/2015 – Teresa M – I met someone new just like Ryan predicted.

11/08/2015 – Private Name – Advisor Ryan is very straightforward, he had the guts to tell me that my job was planning to lay me off.  I just got the walking papers today but luckily I have something else lined up after getting a reading on it.

11/03/2015 – Private Name – You hit the nail on the head.

10/31/2015 – Heather K – Thank you for confirming what I already knew was true.  Now it’s time for me to move on from my boyfriend.

10/25/2015 – Tim H – You were very insightful about my business matter.  Accurate.

10/20/2015 – Cathy K – Ryan really helped to save my marriage.  I would have destroyed it if it wasn’t for him.

10/15/2015 – Private Name – Really connected, thank you.

10/12/2015 – Private Name – I love Ryan.  He is so straightforward and he has been spot on about my mother and her house situation.

10/09/2015 – Joe M – Really connected about my wife.  Said some of the things that she has told me.  This psychic is the real deal!!

10/06/2015 – Private Name – Wow.  That’s all I can say.

10/04/2015 – Clarissa L – At first, it was a bit hard to take his straightforward style, but I knew what he was saying was true.  It really helped me.  I made some adjustments to my attitude and stopped complaining so much to my boyfriend and now we’re feeling close again.  Ryan opened my eyes to how bitter I was letting my past make me.  Thanks Ryan.

10/01/2015 – Private Name – I was hurt after our call when Ryan told my husband was cheating and would leave me extremely soon for another woman he had been seeing.  I hung up on him.  This shocked me cause our marriage was going so well.  Well when the weekend came, my husband didn’t come home.  And he told me that he wanted a divorce through TEXT MESSAGE.  I was so distraught.  When Ryan emphasized SOON, I didn’t know that meant within a matter of days.  I don’t know how I’m going to get through this.  At least I was prepared.  I have some hope cause Ryan told me I would find a real life partner 2 years after my divorce.  I just can’t wrap my head around all this.  Too painful.

09/28/2015 – Annie W – Oh my oh my oh my.  What a refreshing honest reading.  I know where to go to get the truth.

09/25/2015 – Private Name – Very honest, but he knows how to deliver it without being mean.

09/23/2015 – Private Name – Enjoyed our reading, will be calling back.

09/20/2015 – Teresa A – Ryan is like a psychic, life coach, therapist, healer and practical person all wrapped up into one.  Yes he’s gifted like a million other psychics, but what stands out about him is the way he delivers it.  It’s so clear, concise, to the point.

09/18/2015 – Private Name – Ryan impressed me and I’m not easily impressed.  I’m actually a skeptic and don’t believe in psychics.  I only called because a friend of mine told me he helped her.  This guy was spot on.

09/15/2015 – Riley A – Ryan saved my marriage.  I was ready to accuse my husband, but Ryan told me to wait and that the truth will show itself.  All along, my husband was planning a special anniversary trip for us and I thought he was cheating because he was being so secretive and evasive.  I was expecting to hear Ryan tell me that it was over and bad news, but he told me the opposite.  When I have a melt down instead of taking it out on my husband, I’ll call Ryan.

09/12/2015 – Private Name – Thanks.  It was good.

09/10/2015 – Lisa M – Ryan is so amazing.  I’ve been reading with him for about 6 months now and he has never steered me wrong.  His predictions have come to pass and I will continue to be a repeat caller.

09/07/2015 – Tasha D – Finally, I’ve found what I’ve been looking for.  This is my first time speaking with Advisor Ryan and it will not be my last.  I’m super satisfied.

09/04/2015 – Victor A – This gentlemen is extremely talented and gifted.  My wife and I was having problems and he guided me through it with some straightforward answers.  He helped me know her better.  You would think that I should know her after all these years of marriage.  Ryan opened my eyes and I am forever grateful.

09/01/2015 – Diane S – After trying so many other sites and psychics, I still felt lost after spending so much money.  Ryan didn’t waste my time or money.  He told me things that I knew to be true and accurate.  There’s no way that he could have known, so that let’s me know that he’s the real deal.

08/28/2015 – Sarah P – Straight to the point, honest. Wow.

08/25/2015 – Clarissa K – At first I didn’t like him, but deep inside I knew what he was saying was true.  His prediction came to pass a few days later and I was sold after that.  Glad he was honest with me.

08/21/2015- Yvette M – Impressive.  He’s the real definition of no sugar coating.

08 /13/2015- Rebecca S – Ryan really helped me today. He was so sincere and honest and he knew what he was talking about.  I’ll definitely be calling back.

08/08/2015 – Daniel W – My go to guy for career readings.

08/02/2015 – Missy M – Words can’t express how much Ryan has helped me my husband.  I couldn’t have made it without him.

07/30/2015 – Catherine S – I was on the verge of losing the man of my life.  With Ryan’s guidance, I was able to stop jumping to the wrong conclusions and making the situation worst.  I finally learned to see him for who he really was.  And he came around, just as Ryan predicted.  What blew my mind is that he surprised me with an engagement.  This is a man that said he would never get married again.  Wow, Ryan was so spot on.

07/28/2015 – Private Name – Glad I called, I started looking for another job when Ryan told me I would lose mine.  Glad I did, they announced layoffs a month later but I was already going to put in my two notice, I found another job!! Thanks Ryan!!!

07/27/2015 – Maria D – My situation was so confused, but Ryan set it all straight.

07/26/2015 – Charlene A – Ryan hit the nail on the head.  Read my situation to a T.  Personality and all.

07/21/2015 – Caroline B – Blunt truth.  Hard to hear, but I needed this.

07/12/2015 – Tim W – Accurate, accurate, accurate.  I’m normally not impressed by psychics, but Ryan was on the money, period point blank.

07/05/2015 – Private Name – Mind Blowing!!!

06/30/2015 – Lisa R – I don’t know where to even start.  First Ryan was so accurate.  Even though he was straight forward, he wasn’t a jerk about it and I like that.  Being able to tell the truth with being a jerk.  He helped me with my relationship with my on and off again boyfriend.  I realize how I was creating the problem and no other psychics that I spoke would be honest and tell me that.  Once I stopped doing things to push him away, our relationship was much stronger.  He even talked about how things felt like they were at the beginning.  All thanks to Ryan.

06/26/2015 – Mario B – This psychic knows what he’s talking about.

06/15/2015 – T J – First time to this site, a friend referred me.  I’m impressed at the level of accuracy and service from Advisor Ryan.  At first I was skeptical because the rates were so reasonable.  I’m used to psychic sites charging five and ten dollars a minute.  It’s something different about this site, they seem to really want to help.  And the icing on the cake was speaking to Advisor Ryan.  He is truly gifted, there is no doubt about that. I will be a regular caller, that’s for sure.

06/13/2015 – Private Name – Loved it!!