Advisor Marie


Advisor Marie

866-Talk-122   Ext 701

Advisor Marie is a straight forward, no nonsense clairvoyant, tarot card reader.  She also has the ability to read without any tools.   She has been doing professional readings for over 20 years  with many satisfied customers.

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06/25/2017 – Yvette M – Took a while to get in touch with Marie, but it was well worth the wait.

06/12/2017 – Brian A – Lovely lady.

05/28/2017 – Henry M – She’s great with the timing of life events.

05/25/2017 – Clarissa M – Very accurate.

05/20/2017 – Private Name – It’s hard to catch up with her, but it’s well worth the wait. She’s been amazingly accurate.

05/12/2017 – Private Name – She’s very accurate and I love that she can read with and without tarot cards.

05/08/2017 – Private Name – Super blunt, I love it.

04/30/2017 – Gina M – He proposed to me just like you predcited.

04/18/2017 – Nicole H – Marie was great with her timelines, super accurate.

04/10/2017 – Private Name – She’s great with the tarot cards.

3/25/2017 – Amber H – I’m looking forward to the new job prediction, especially since you accurately predicted me getting fired.

03/17/2017 – Kimberly W – Thanks for giving me courage, I will get through this unexpected pregnancy.

3/13/2017 – Private Name – I love how your tarot cards and your intuition both say the same thing and that you can read from both.  That is really cool.

03/05/2017 – Paul M – I’m looking forward to my move.

2/27/2017 – Walter M – My house sold within 30 days.  I can’t believe it.  That’s your timing that came up.

2/10/2017 – Private Name – Was offered a promotion like you predicted.

02/03/2017 – Lily M – You’re really good.

01/18/2017 – Rebecca T – I thought I meant something to Robert but I can see that I don’t.  You opened my eyes.

01/13/2017 – Elizabeth H – Thanks for helping me to deal with my supervisor.

01/05/2017 – Jan H – You are super great with timelines.

12/15/2016 – Private Name – Great tarot reader.

12/02/2016 – Daniella M – Thank you for your advice.

11/10/2016 – Kirsten W – You’re fast and one of your predictions already came true.

11/06/2016 – Private Name – Love the fact that you’re so confident when you read and accurate.

11/03/2016 – Private Name – Thank you Marie.

10/31/2016 – Mary A – You were in my husband’s head like you knew him.

10/25/2016 – Larry H – She’s quick with those tarrot cards.  Matched her no tools reading.

10/21/2016 – Private Name – She was super quick, blunt, accurate. wow.

10/18/2016 – Terry M – Had to try her out of curiosity.  I will be calling back.

10/16/2016 – David M – Marie zoned right in.  Very in tune to my situation.

10/13/2016 – Private Name – She puts the S in straight forward.  I couldn’t get mad at what she was saying although I wanted to.  It was true.